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Enjoy a new perspective and the wonderful surrounding nature on this elephant ride, through which you support the rescue of former logging Elephants. Ride your elephant through the jungle and even try your hand at bathing the creature if you wish, and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Nam Khan River. Finally, a shor...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
Located in the mountainous north of the country, this former royal capital has been a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site since 1995. Idyllically situated on the Mekong River and surrounded by beautiful green mountains, the town itself is picturesque and offers a wonderful mix of ancient temples and French-Indochinese ...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
You can buy instant boxed rice either Uncle Ben's or some other corporate brand, microwave it for two minutes and it is ready to eat. But do you know what it takes to cultivate, harvest and prepare rice before it is ready to eat. It takes a lot more than two minutes in the microwave. This unique half-day activity invit...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
Cambodia has a wonderful culture of dancing that is steeped in mythology. We invite you to step back in time and learn about the history of the Apsara dance – and some basic steps yourself – in a very authentic and special experience in Phonm Penh. The tour to the Apsara school takes you behind the scenes, to where it ...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
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