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Explore Hanoi's culture through a street food tour with the head of Hanoi Gastronomy's Club. Eating on the street is a very typical activity for Hanoians and makes up an important part of the city’s unique culture. Street food is for everyone – rich, poor, old, young, tourist and local alike. Start your street food tou...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
The Cham Islands, World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, make for a scenic day trip from the bustle of Hoi An. Take a speedboat about 15 kilometers outside of Cua Dai and enjoy the natural beauty of this group of eight small islands, set in the clear blue waters off the central coast of Vietnam. Stroll along quiet beaches...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
The Ancient Town of Hoi An is bursting with interesting and delicious Vietnamese food; however for one reason or another much of this food remains anonymous and many visitors miss the opportunity to experience the unique local flavors of Hoi An. So lets’ become more familiar with the art of Vietnamese cooking with a ...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
After a leisurelybike ride through the countryside, we head for Tra Que vegetable village which is named after a sweet scented herb they grow and use to flavour Hoi An specialties. Learn about the history and custom of this charming village before getting your hands dirty and venturing into the garden - you may like to...
Duration: 1 day - 3 days
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