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Dong Van Plateau
Dong Van Plateau

With the average altitude of 1400-1600m over sea level, the total area of 2,530 square kilometers, the rocky Plateau gathers the wonderful and varied natural sceneries which have abundant scientific values and contain the unique cultural features of ethnic communities in Vietnam.

The profile of Dong Van Rocky Plateau is internationally highly evaluated, which is completed with data on mineral geology and environmental resources. Especially, experts from UNESCO highly evaluate the cultural identity of ethnic groups living in Dong Van rocky Plateau. This is a very large feature of Dong Van rocky Plateau’s geological park in the system of global geological parks. Currently, this area is inhabited by about 250,000 people from 17 different ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. Every ethnic group has their own traditional cultural identities which are very unique from the name, dress, residence, language, customs, traditions and beliefs

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